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Discount Bin | Multi-Quantity Pricing | B2B Pricing

1 Tube of Rema SVS-VULC Tube Patch Vulcanizing Cement 10 gram (14 ml)

Original price $9.99
Current price $8.98
SKU R5059050

This is a 10 gram (14ml) tube of Rema Cold Vulcanizing Fluid. This formula is specifically designed for the vulcanization of tube patches, valve patches and rubber based tube valve repair units. Cyclists have been using this product for years to make quick repairs and get back on the trails with outstanding performance.

  • 10 gram tube
  • CFC-Free Vulcanizing Cement, Cold Vulcanizing - Quick Set Repairs
  • Convenient Size for Travel Packs
Item Specs
SKU: R5059050
Brand: Rema Tip Top
Length (in.): 3
Width (in.): 7
Height (in.): 3
Weight: 3oz