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Discount Bin | Multi-Quantity Pricing | B2B Pricing

Alcoa 33mm Direct Screw On Hex Lug Nut Cover With Flange for Hub Covers


This is a genuine ALCOA brand Hug-A-Lug 33mm hex shaped direct screw on flanged wheel lug nut cover for Alcoa hub covers. This cover works with 33mm hex shaped lug nuts with a minimum of 4 threads per stud to grip on to. The interior threads allow for easy installation and hold on tightly to the lug nut. Alcoa premium nut covers are designed with a highly reflective finish to dress up and protect any rig. Easy to securely install – just screw on and screw off. These quality nut covers will keep your ride looking its best. Designed to fit over 33mm hex nuts and holds Alcoa 076100 and Alcoa 077100 hub covers in place.

Alcoa Wheels designed the first forged aluminum truck wheel in 1948 and Alcoa represents more than 120 years of experience in the production of aluminum along with more than 60 years in forged aluminum truck wheels and accessories. Their automated production lines guarantee quality standards that meet the most demanding demands of heavy transport. Rest assured that Alcoa products will keep you running down the road.

Item Specs

Brand: Alcoa
Weight: 1.184oz


 Color: Chrome