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BL-8F Rema Special Blue Cement (8 oz. Can) USA Rubber Bonding Tip Top

Original price $26.99
Current price $21.88

This is an 8 ounce can of Rema Tip Top Tire Repair Special Blue vulcanizing cement. This product is specifically designed for the application of REMA TIP TOP Radial, Bias-Ply and Universal, Minicombi & RemaStem repair units. The key to REMA TIP TOP's exclusive Blue Bonding System is that the Special Cement BL creates a nearly indestructible bond between a tire and the repair unit. Used for chemical installation of REMA TIP TOP blue bonding layer repair units, Blue Floater Gum and chemical vulcanizing compounds. The Rema brand is time tested.

  • 8 oz. Blue Cement with brush top can
  • Cold vulcanizing fluid for Rema Tip Top patch systems
  • Quick drying for quick repairs
  • Professional grade and Made in the USA
Item Specs
Brand: Air Loc
Length (in.): 9
Width (in.): 7
Height (in.): 9
Weight: 8oz