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Discount Bin | Multi-Quantity Pricing | B2B Pricing

BRAKE MONSTER CRYOROTOR - DP BRAKES 1 Piece 160mm 6 Bolt Frozen Disc Brake Rotor

This is a BMR1 Series 1 piece Cryogenically Treated BrakeMonster CryoRotor from DP Brakes. DP Brakes is a world leading manufacturer of motorcycle brake components and has now introduced their technology to an exciting range of brake pads and rotors for the off road cycle community. DP Brakes has been the first choice for MX, Enduro and Off Road competitors for years and has won more off road titles than any other brake pad manufacturer in the world. For 30 years DP Brakes has been the industry leader in developing brake components and we guarantee you will find improved performance over your current rotors or your money back. The cryogenic treatment causes the molecular structure of the 410 stainless steel to change. The lower the temperature the greater the transformation rate. The freezing process allows the gaps in the structure to be filled with the carbides and creates a much more dense, GÇ£organizedGÇ¥ appearance. So overall you can expect a service life up to 3x that of a non-treated rotor and one that copes much better with the hot/cold heat cycle associated with disc brakes. DETAILS: - 1 Piece Fixed Rotor - Cryogenically Treated - 3 Times Standard Service Life - International Standard 6 Hole Fitting - Japanese 410 Stainless Steel GENERAL INFORMATION: Always check your brakes are working correctly before every ride. New disc brake pads require bedding-in to the rotor before full power is achieved. If you do not feel confident about fitting or adjusting your brakes ask your local cycle shop for assistance. Replace disc pads when friction material wears down to 0.5mm