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Haltec 20" Red Silicone O-Ring Compatible with Oshkosh Hemtt Military Two Piece Wheels - 5/16 inch Diameter

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Fits M977 M985 Wheels - Part Number 50184

Haltec Corp's 50184 silicone O-ring is the exact replacement part for the 2 piece 20 inch Oshkosh HEMTT bolt together wheels. These are designed for extreme temperatures ranging from -60 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and have a shelf life of 20 years. They are 5/16 inch (0.312) wide and are exact replacement o-rings for the military surplused 20 inch HEMTT wheels made by Titan. The wheel pictured in the advertisement is for reference only and is not included with the sale. If the tire does not hold air, it is likely the O-ring is not set correctly. Please check all rim sealing surfaces as they must be free of rust and pitting for this O-ring to function correctly. Your O-rings should be replaced every time the rim is disassembled for tire work. Not for use on stock M35A3 rims (M35A3 rims require a 3/16 inch wide O-ring).