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Haltec Radial Tire O-Ring Bead Seater for Truck Tires 16.5 and 17.5 Rims TC-50

Original price $59.99
Current price $49.88

This is a Haltec TC-50 one-piece rubber O-ring style rubber tube for mounting hard to seat 16.5 inch through 17.5 inch radial or bias truck tires. As the tire is inflated, the lubricated bead seater forms a seal between the rim and tire allowing the air pressure to force the beads into the rim flange. As proper pressure is reached, the bead seater slides out and over the rim. The bead seater is reusable and a must have for any tire shop. Haltec is a leading manufacturer of inflation systems and maintains its leadership position as a major manufacturer of specialized tire valve systems.

  • Haltec PC-70 one piece O-ring style truck tire bead seater
  • Works with 22.5 inch through 24.5 inch wheels and tires
  • industrial strength reusable design
  • Must have for all tire shops
Item Specs
Brand: Haltec
MPN: TC-50
Material: Industrial Grade Rubber
Rim Size (in.): 16.5, 17.5
Wheel Size (in.): 16.5, 17.5
Length (in.): 2
Width (in.): 15
Height (in.): 2
Weight: 9oz