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Kex TR618A Air Liquid Valve Stem for Industrial Agricultural Applications

by Kex
Kit Quantity

This is a new Kex TR618A Air / Liquid brass valve stem used for agricultural and commercial applications. This fits all standard 5/8

  • Kex TR618A air/liquid valve stem for industrial and agricultural applications
  • Equipped with a Fast Flow valve core
  • Equipped with a EPDM grommet that is rated up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The fast flow valve core promotes rapid filling of air or liquids
Item Specs
Brand: Kex
MPN: TR-618A-1
Material: Brass/ EPDM Rubber
Finish: Brass/Copper
Length (in.): 0.96
Width (in.): 0.96
Height (in.): 2.09
Weight: 0.11oz