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Discount Bin | Multi-Quantity Pricing | B2B Pricing

Rubber Master 5.30/4.50-6 Lawn Mower, Lawn Tractor, Cart Tire Inner Tube with a TR87 Bent Metal Valve Stem

Original price $15.99
Current price $12.88
Welcome to quality with a Rubber Master 5.30/4.50-6 lawn mower and lawn tractor tire inner tube. This is a multi-fit inner tube that is designed to be used in the following sizes: 5.30-6, 4.50-6, 145/70-6, and 5.30/4.50-6. The most common applications are for lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and cart tires. This tube is manufactured with an off-set TR87 bent metal valve stem. The TR87 valve stem has a 90 degree bend. It is constructed out of the highest quality materials to ensure a longer life under strenuous conditions. Each inner tube is factory tested so you can be assured of a quality product every time.