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Discount Bin | Multi-Quantity Pricing | B2B Pricing

TYK 27x8-12, 27x9-12 ATV UTV Radial Tire Inner Tube with a TR6 Metal Valve Stem

Original price $28.99
Current price $26.99
SKU TYK01820

Welcome to quality with a TYK Industries 27x8.5/9/10R12 multi-fitment ATV, UTV, side by side tire inner tube. This is a multi-fit inner tube that is designed to be used in the following sizes: 27x8R12, 27x9R12, 27x10R12, 27x11R12, 27x12R12, 28x9R12, 28x10R12 and 28x11R12. The most common applications are for radial or bias ATV, UTV and side by side off road tires. This tube has a metal TR6 valve stem with locking nuts and is constructed out of the highest quality materials to ensure a longer life under strenuous conditions. Each inner tube is factory tested so you can be assured of a quality product every time.

  • Single TYK Industries 27x8.5/9/10R12 inner tube with a TR6 valve stem
  • Designed for radial or bias ATV, UTV, Side by Side, golf cart tires and more
  • Multifitment inner tube that covers the following sizes: 27x8R12, 27x9R12
  • Manufactured with an off-set TR6 straight metal valve stem and lock nuts. The TR6 valve stem is designed to give extra protection against damage on the trail and measures approximately 1.38 inches tall.
  • Constructed with ozone resistant butyl rubber for a longer life cycle.
Item Specs

SKU: TYK01820
Brand: TYK Industries
Manufacturer: TYK Industries
MPN: TYK01820
Length (in.): 27
Width (in.): 10
Height (in.): 27
Weight: 4oz

Material: Butyl Rubber
Fits Sizes: 27x8-12, 27x8.00-12, 27x8.00R12, 27x8x12, 27/8/12, 27x9-12, 27x9.00-12, 27x9.00R12, 27x9x12, 27/9/12, 27x10-12, 27x10.00-12, 27x10.00R12, 27x10x12, 27/10/12, 27x11-12, 27x11.00-12, 27x11.00R12, 27x11x12, 27/11/12, 27x12-12, 27x12.00-12, 27x12.00R12, 27x12x12, 27/12/12, 27x8-12, 28x9-12, 28x9.00-12, 28x9.00R12, 28x9x12, 28/9/12, 28x10-12, 28x10.00-12, 28x10.00R12, 28x10x12, 28/10/12, 28x11-12, 28x11.00-12, 28x11.00R12, 28x11x12, 28/11/12
Rim Size(in.): 12
Section Width (in.): 10
Valve Type: TR6
Valve Length: 1.38
Wheel Size (in.): 12

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeff Harrison
Very happy

I'm very happy with my purchase The price was very affordable how much do these the time it took to get to me was incredible within just a few days. So far they seem to hold up very well inside my Ranger tires. Look forward to purchasing a few more in the future from you all for future use inside all my UTV tires. Got a ? For ya though , is there any way to make a tube with the thickness of 2 of those in 1. Or to take basically 1 and make a sleeve basically to envelope a tube inside for extra puncture resistance? Just a thought and all. Didnt know if you all actually had a tube with said thickness as 2 together would have. Having extra weight I carry sometimes on my rig does add to the strain it puts on tires. Having tubes with double normal thickness I would think has the ability to withstand a few extra hundred pounds of strain on tires. Thank you. Look forward to buying from you again . Sincerely Jeffrey Harrison

Cory Hansen

I wish they had a phone number to call. But the gal emailed me how to do it online. She was nice and the process was easy. I thought last couple times I had called.

Rodney Hendricks
life saver

my Polaris is ready for hunting season. didn't have to buy a tire